"The Secret Life of Muslims": An education

From producer Josh Seftel comes this story of Richard McKinney, a former U.S. Marine who plotted to blow up an Islamic Center in Muncie, Ind., and through an unusual turn of events ended up in a place that is utterly surprising – and hopeful.

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. We hate Islam cause my Islam girl friends keeps on hating their dads who have multiple wives and families. Like being Islam is only convenient for guys. Like, if you're a girl then you're a Muslim, your life is f/cked up

  2. THIS VIDEO, as many on YT or elsewhere, is ABJECT PROPAGANDA (Sauds? Qatar? emirates?) for that STUPID, HEINOUS and ABSURD DOGMA called islam: A SHAME TO OUR SPECIES, only able to convince very low IQs or pervert criminals…

    god, if he existed, would obviously never have produced a quran (a material text so easily falsified and tampered with!): he would have talked DIRECTLY into the head of his creature…
    thereby avoiding (for 14 centuries) all problems of understanding, interpretation, obsolescence/abrogation or translation,
    just as he would never have produced the bible, which muslims pretend to be falsified, while their quran is not!: god, as ALL-KNOWING, should have known that the bible was going to be falsified: does not he know the perversity of his creature, imperfect creation of a perfect god???!!!
    God, if he existed, would not either have stated that man is made of clay, that the sun sets in a muddy pool of water (upon a flat earth!), that woman is only worth half of man for mind and trustworthiness (quran 2:282), or, for the christian side, that the earth was created before the stars or that god, the all-knowing, has repented to have created mankind! (Genesis 1 and 6).

    But obviously, without the coranic TRICKERY, Muhammad, the narcissistic pervert GURU (and the despots who improved on his story!), necessarily INCAPABLE OF PERFORMING THE REAL MIRACLE OF TALKING INTO THE MINDS OF THEIR FELLOW-HUMANS, could not have concocted their POISON based on TERROR (cf Muhammad: "I triumphed through terror"), laughable SOPHISTRY and emotional CHILDISNESS!!!

  3. I would NEVER leave Christian faith to follow Islam and follow a fake prophet like Muhammad remember Bible warn us in Matthew 7:19 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves and remember there can only be one God and Jesus Christ is the messenger

  4. I use to hate Islam but after doing research it myself now my hate level has increased 1000 level now I think it was beeter if I have not done the research 😔😔😔

  5. Yes,There is a cosmic meaning of Islam(Monotheism!!,Quran 3:83!!).Read about the monotheist extraterrestrials called the ummites!!!!(Other biological creatures among Quran 42:29!!!)

  6. سبحان الذي اذهب الكره من قلبه و ادخل الفضول مكانه فأنقذه من التهلكة سبحانك يارب يارحمن يارحيم ما أرحمك كم هو محب لعباده لا إله إلا أنته سبحانك . الدرس اللي نتعلمه انه مرات كل اللي تحتاجه انه يكون قلبك نظيف هذا الشخص كان بيفجر نفسه داخل مسجد بأمريكا بس تراجع عن قراره و قرر انه يتعرف عليهم شوف شنو معدن هذي الناس شافهم ناس طيبين و خلوقين فحبهم و صار واحد منهم بل حتى افضل منهم لانه الطيور على اشكالها تقع الناس هذا الشخص دش البحرية الامريكية علشان يدافع عن بلده آخرتها ودوه مناطق الارهابيين بافغانستان و مادري وين و شاف مناظر بشعه عند الارهابيين اطفال مقتولين و الله اعلم شنو شاف اللي من بشاعته تأثر الرجل ووصل اللى الانتحار اللي كان اساسا مدرس انجليزي قبل البحرية

  7. This video sucks. Going on about far-right terrorists while ignoring the pain and misery islam brings into the 21st century is ignorant at best and complacent at worst.

  8. It's really amazing to see people who was feed with the islamophobic rhetoric being pumped with and brainwashed with !
    Many Sincere Christians who deeply have faith in God
    Finds the islamic life and the belief as a correct and attractive as they have wanted such pure and basic faith but has got a half Sincere faith without any strong backing and logic.

  9. Islam is not a religion but it is a way of life of repenting and reforming of wrong doings and doing the right things and becoming a good person and at the same time seeking the safety/security and believing/trusting in Al-lah which means ''The One Absolute Authority'' and no one else. And the process for making peace ''Islam'' to becoming a peace maker a ''Muslim'', and the only way to find the truth is to go back to the source of Islam to the Quran to learn the true way to/of our Creator. And this is what has happened to Richard McKinney and he has being Touched by the Consciousness of The Creator and now he has Conscious awareness of the presence of the Creator. His story have touched me, similar thing happened to me 15 years ego when my daughter died in my arms and now I have a constant awareness of the presence of the Creator, this phenomenon is called Spiritual Spontaneous Enlightenment/Awakening, and I am now a superconscious peace maker and I do nothing but good. Peace, Love, Respect and Unity.

  10. Holy Quran 2.269—He gives WISDOM to whom He wills, and whoever has been given WISDOM has certainly been given Much GOOD. And none will remember except those of understanding.

    CONCLUSION—If you do GOOD work , then You will become Wise…

    If you do EVIL work, then u will become Foolish…

    If u do CHARITY, it means u r Bringing Happiness to Someone Life and removing Sadness from a Life, then God makes you WISE is the Gist of this Verse 2.269…

  11. Holy Quran 31.12—And We had certainly given Luqmān WISDOM [and said], "Be grateful to Allah." And whoever is GRATEFUL is GRATEFUL for [the benefit of] himself. And whoever denies [His favor] – then indeed, Allah is Free of need and Praiseworthy.

  12. Holy Quran 89.15–And as for man, when his Lord tries him and [thus] is generous to him and favors him, he says, "My Lord has honored me."

    Holy Quran 89.16–But when He tries him and restricts his provision, he says, "My Lord has humiliated me."

    Holy Quran 89.17–No! But you do not honor the ORPHAN

    Holy Quran 89.18–And you DONOT Encourage one another to FEED the POOR.

    Holy Quran 89.19–And you consume inheritance, devouring [it] altogether,

    Holy Quran 89.20–And you LOVE WEALTH with Immense LOVE

  13. The Following verse talks about saving CHURCHES and SYNAGOGUES(Religious place of jews)

    Holy Quran 22.40– [They are] those who have been EVICTED from Their HOMES Without Right – only because they say, "Our Lord is Allah ." And were it not that Allah CHECKS the people, some by means of others, there would have been DEMOLISHED MONASTERIES, CHURCHES, SYNAGOGUES, and MOSQUES in which the Name of Allah is much mentioned. And Allah will surely support those who support Him. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might.

  14. Holy Quran 31.17—“O my dear son! Establish Prayer, Encourage what is GOOD and Forbid what is EVIL, and Endure Patiently whatever Befalls You. Surely this is a resolve to aspire to.

  15. Everybody shall take the religion which brings them peace and love to his soul and heart.

    I’m converted from Islam to Christianity.
    Not of hate or advantage because of the same thing like the guy in this video.
    When I’ve read the Bible I feel like I’m arrived at home.
    I am the same one before I was a Muslim but i feel no more lost or something empty in me.

    With Respect


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