The Smallest Woman in the World…

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Genetics can be a little bit of a lucky dip sometimes. But every now and then, this random DNA lottery can produce some truly spectacular people. Individuals blessed with skills and natural talents that defy understanding. Ready to meet the people who are one in a million?

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People who are one in a million in the world! Featuring the world’s most unusual people on earth. You better check out these unusual and rare people with your own eyes.

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  1. "CLICK BAIT" Thumbnail specifies "The smallest woman in the world" Yet we hardly even saw her or did we? Ibstead we got a bunch of other kind of circus acts or deformaties 👎

  2. God your voice is annoying, you know, the ONE you DO on PURPOSE, to ATTRACT ATTENTION?
    Cut it out dude. I don't need you screaming at me for clicking on your clickbait ass trash video.

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