The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victor Shocker Announcement Shatters Adam Plans

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victor Shocker Announcement Shatters Adam Plans. Y&R Spoilers reveal that Adam Newman and Sally Spectra need to brace themselves for the upcoming shockers as Victor Newman makes a stunning announcement about Newman Enterprises in Y&R.

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  1. Nick takes his spot hes always protected his sister he always covered for his sister He always helped his sister Victor needs to give it to Nick not Adam now Nick he needs to take the spot of CEO for his sister and tell his sister to comes back Adam and Sally needs to go bye bye


  3. To. Take. A. Survey. Of. Viewer. Views. About. Who. Go. For. Wealth and. Powerful. Ones. On this. Soap vRe. Obedient. Viewers. Who. Are for. Whoever the. Writers. Are. Instructing. To. Be. For. Mainly. I. D. Rather think. For .myself. Not. Obey. Or. Be for. Victor. Newman's. Or Abbott's just. Because. Any .one mof. Even who ni like. Or don t alike not. See as always. Wrong. Is. Real. The tide. Seems. To. Be. Turning. And Victor. Should. Finally. Be. Held. Accountable where the s wrong . Ashland s. Had. Even the. Even the. Newman s. As. A. Family. Trying bro. All. As. Parents ,. Victor. And. Nikki. Have. Pushed. Victoria. To never not have. A. Private breath. Since. Her. Separation from.her. Husband. How. They. Are. Dealing. Is. Vs. The. Biblical. Instruction. , ". Leave bthy. Father and. Mother. And. Cleave , if spoken to a. Son but. No. Different I'd imagine,. Unto. Thy. Wife. Or. Husband. . but. Victor., Sadly, doesn t usually. Live. By The. Bible. As. The. Profical finally. To. Adam. Is. The. Best thing bi ve. Watched. Him. Be. He. S. Bern right. To protect. Victoria. When. She felt. She. Needed. It from Ashland. , But. If. She. Wants. To. Finally have. A. Happy. Relationship. With whom she. Loves them it s. Out. Of. Place bfir. Victor. To. Interfere. And that s. Not his. Place. Now. If. Victoria. Is. Finally. Following. Her. Heart. , And. No .longer. Conflicted. ,. Then. She s where she. Should. Be. And. Renew. Their. Being. Together. Victor in annulled Their .marriage. Victoria. Didn t.

  4. Take. Adam. And. Sally away. And. I LL. Say. Bye bye. Y and R. . Sally. Has. No. Such vambition I. Think bshw. Is. Just. For Adam. She. S not the. Only n
    One beho. Sees how. Victor. Has. Been off and. On. About. And. Only. Bring for. Victoria. How. Many forget now. No k treats Sda w

  5. So the Powerful Almighty ruler Victor Newman is falling apart because his little girl Victoria wants to grow up and live her own life!! The writers of this show really screwed up with this dumb cringe worthy storyline! Think they wasn't seeing the big picture ahead of them if they wanted this show to survive ! First thing the writers should've figure out who they could find to replace Eric Braeden Victor Newman!! And please don't let Vicky come crawling back asking daddy for forgiveness girl been through enough end that mess !! Problem is the writers destroyed the two best people that could have took over Newman Enterprise Nick and Adam!! And made Victoria the only one capable of running the company!! I really thought Adam was going to be Victor replacement but for some reason the writers decided to nerf him into a scheming whining child with a girlfriend who waiting for him to take over the company so she can steal it right from under him!! Still wishing someone please give Sally a good old fashioned ass whuppin and send her packing back to B&B !!!also Still can't figure out why Nick is here thought he wash his hands of his family long ago!! So he not the one to run the company!! Think the writers need to come up with a new child for Victor a son from his pass long ago maybe they can build a storyline out of that as a Farewell to The King!!!

  6. I do not want Adam and salad to be running Victor's company he ought to let Nicholas running even though Adam is trying to change but Adam is going back to his vindictive ways with Sally Sally's very sneaky and vindictive she need to go back on The Bold and Beautiful and try to get her to life together you come on another story and you doing the same thing don't understand

  7. If anything he was angry because he was right, he was hardly shocked, Victor knew his daughter was gonna break, Victoria, Nick, Abby never had to fight for anything, Victoria anit loosing nothing she earned, she can use that money they sued her Father, and start a small company with Ashland. Victor is gonna put his pole sliding wife, and Ungarateful Nick to run that company. Nick should be grateful to Adam for saving that brat of his with a kidney, and saving his ass from that building. I have 2 things to say that girl would still be looking for a kidney, and Sharon would of mourning the death of Nick. Would of left his ass in that building. Just think Ashland is getting the same kind of woman, Victor have no intelligence and no commonsense.

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