Time To Play: Sly 1 (Blind) Part 13: More Questions Answered

Wow, Panda King sucks. In fact his whole world is kind of a let down in general as it just feels like it’s recycled from previous portions of the game. Well glad to be done with it. Enjoy.

What do you think?

Written by HuntingBP

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  1. I kinda disagree with you on clockwerk, I always thought that's precisely what made him so scary: it's there, there has always been there, and he just wants you dead.
    Great horned owls are predators for raccoons so I guess that killer instinct is what makes him so eager to finish your family.

  2. I was thinking about asking you about dragon Ball z and i'm glad someone did because you was being fair and not being a jerk unlike some other people I know who just attack the show just because they don't watch it. 

  3. i actually liked the 3ds sonic boom better then the wii u sonic boom. for one, it actually did feel like a sonic game with exploration mix into it unlike the wii u where it feel nothing like sonic. and two the framerate doesn't goes as bad as in the wii u version. that framerate issue can really screw you over in the speed sections. i will concede to the getting 30 out of 33 emblems to beat the game issue. that was a bad choice

  4. I'll admit, when I first played Sly 1, I was also in shock at how pitifully easy Panda King was. I felt as though I were missing something. But nope, he's really that easy. No special gimmicks or anything. Definitely not deserving of being the 4th world boss. He's easier than the frog guy from the first world! If they had made Panda King's section the first world, I could understand it. But to put up so little of a fight this late in the game is downright baffling.

    As for your concern with Clockwork's lack of development, I think that was intentional. He's supposed to be shrouded in mystery until you confront him. They do explain what his deal is as you get a little bit further along in the world. But you've probably already figured that out by now.

    Can I ask you an honest question though? How much are you really enjoying this game? From watching this playthrough, it just seems to me like you haven't been enjoying it that much. You've just seemed kind of bored or uninterested with it, like you couldn't wait to be done. If that's true that's perfectly fine. You're not going to love every single game you play. And of course there was that stuff in the 3rd world you hated (I assure you, that stuff never comes back in future games. Heck, I'm pretty sure Ms. Ruby is never even mentioned again). But I just hope that if you didn't enjoy Sly 1 for whatever reason, that it doesn't affect your opinion on the series as a whole because as someone who has played all 4 games, I can tell you that this one is the most primitive. After this, the gameplay changes drastically and is nowhere near as linear anymore. Sly 2 is honestly my favorite and I think it's be worth at least taking a look at because it's so drastically different. It's much more open-world, there's much more variety in the missions you complete, and the characters are fleshed out way better.

  5. CJ! clokwork have a amasing back story it is explained in all 3 sly games!!!! and sins you havent playd 2 and 3 yet i think you sholde look it up before you complain! sly and clokwork has the best backstory in the games!!!

  6. I like how the page of the Theivius Racoonus (don't know if I spelled that right) that teaches you about mind bending comes up RIGHT after my question I asked you about Avatar. That is hilarious XD.

  7. It's been so long since I've played this game.  I could have sworn that the Panda King was harder than that but you're right.  He looks like a pushover.  Ah well.  On to the awesome final battle!

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