Tips for Ground Blind Hunting with CROSSBOWS

In this video, Chris Creed of Afflictor Broadheads gives you some tips on hunting out of a ground blind with a crossbow. As more hunters join archery hunting, crossbows and ground blinds are becoming more and more popular.

Here are some tips to make you a better ground blind hunter. Chris calls them the four C’s of ground blind hunting.

The first is “Clear the ground.” In a ground blind you can get away with a lot more movement, IF you are silent. In a ground blind scenario, your shot opportunities can come a lot closer, so even the smallest noise can send a buck out of your life.

Comfort is also important when it comes to ground blind hunting. Any hunting, really but because you are able to get away with more movement, you want to find yourself in a comfortable situation.

The next C of ground blind hunting is your clothes. When you’re talking about clothes for hunting, typically you’re talking about camouflage. However, in a ground blind it is best to wear black clothing. You want to blend into your surroundings, right? Well, the back of the blind is black. So the best clothing options at least from the waist up would be solid black in color.

The last C is “Close the windows” You want to let the least amount of light into the blind as possible. That way it is dark and your dark clothes break up your outline enough to fool your target bucks eyes!

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