Tour The Interior Of This Raised Hunting Blind

Come along as I take you on a tour of the interior of this raised hunting blind we built last year. The blind is located on our 80 wooded acres of private property located in Northeastern Michigan. I will also show you the food plot that this deer blind overlooks and give you some of the specs on the build. #RaisedHuntingBlind #RaisedDeerBlind #DIYDeerBlind #MegaHuntingBlind

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My name is Todd. My wife Laura and I live in a small town located Northeast of Lansing, Michigan. We have a cabin and 80 acres of woods located about 3 hours North of our home.

We’re hands-on DIY people and we enjoy spending time outdoors doing the things that we love… riding motorcycles, camping, canoeing & kayaking, Jeep ORVing, hunting, fishing, working to improve the whitetail deer & wildlife habitat on our property, target shooting and more…

I started this channel because it allows me to share projects, experiences and information with my family, friends and a community of people who have similar interests to mine. I’m an avid YouTube watcher and over the years I’ve learned a great deal from people who’ve taken the time to share their information with the YT community. This is my way of giving back.

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  1. Beautiful build. I’ve got a few questions though. I’m going to be building a new blind soon. What height are your windows at. And is your chair height adjustable. My windows will be 40” from the floor to the bottom of the windows.

  2. Very Nice, Yes…hunting alone its big because I have one like that and wish I could cut it down to a 4 x 5, however it’s 12 feet in the air.

  3. I like the blind. However, I would not use the carpet squares for the floor. I was a facilities Director for a school district for 28 years. And, one thing I learned about carpet squares is that you do not want to use them anywhere there could be water. Like the floor of your blind in the winter. The tiles are rubber backed, and will mildew and stink when water gets under them.

  4. Porcupines are a problem ? I would pay for guills if you kill some and take the time to pull them out . If we are close enough you could skin them and freeze the hides then ship them next day delivery . I’ll pay you for them and pull the quills myself .


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