Touring My Hunting Pit Blind

Matt gives a tour of the pit blind they use for duck and goose hunting.

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  1. Did you guys think about making a big blind on the peninsula that you could hunt 3 wind directions from? Or do the birds just not work that are of the pond much? I'm jealous, looks comfy!

  2. Great tour! Guys back in the 1970’s and ‘80’s used to use pre-built ceptic tanks for pits. They were similar. Looks like a real nice spot to spend a morning/day.

  3. Good video man can't wait until I can afford a pit of my own one day my question is why didn't you put it in the ground a little more is it because it's not a flat top pit all the pits that are around me and my area are sunk flat all the way in the ground

  4. You already said it, but the thing I would do is brush it up before season real good and maybe add another high shelf in center for extra storage. Awesome set up none the less 🙂

  5. First 🙂

    Good to see ya again friend! Nice vid! Cool pit. Did y’all fab and weld that up? How you’re having a good Spring! No suggested improvements here! I’d be happy as a clam sitting in that o. Those cold days ya get! Kudos!

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