Trust and teamwork drive these adult onset hunters during duck season

Hunting buddies Matt Carey and Hayden Martin didn’t grow up in hunting families — but they’ve spent the past few years living for duck season as adult onset hunters.

Matt and Hayden bring creativity and problem-solving to their hunts. Matt’s not just a hunter but a photographer who shoots birds — and his hunting adventures — with a camera. Hayden’s a disabled outdoorsman with a birdy hunting dog he’s trained to be a duck-retrieving machine. The pair work together to get out in the field, document their hunts and soak in the natural world together from the duck blind.

In this episode of The Slayer Hunting Podcast, Matt and Hayden share what drew them to duck hunting, how they overcome the challenges of adaptive hunting together in the field, and how they’re working to bring other new adult hunters into the sport.

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What’s your top advice for adult onset hunters who are new to the sport? Leave a comment or drop a line to [email protected] to tell us all about it.

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