Two Person Deer Blind Video Tour (5 x 8 – Elevated)

This is a shooting box blind that I built (in panels) and put up at this location, without machinery – about 5 years ago. I learned the hard way that it’s worth the extra time to anchor all elevated deer blinds to the earth and I also that OSB is not the best long term choice for exterior sheeting on a deer blind.

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Music by Julian Avila

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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. Nice blind that you built. Thanks for all the building information and instructions you would make a great teacher. Can’t wait to check out your other videos.

  2. We hunt lots of flat land in Louisiana and we usually have bottom of window/shooting levels at 36-39", which works out really well since we use office chairs on casters and pressurized cylinders that raise and lower the chairs by about 6-8". In 5'x7' or 5'x8' stands we may roll 1'-2' in either direction to take a look/shot, especially if in this size box alone. Great stand and video. Liked, subscribed, & HIT THE BELL.

  3. Appreciate your detailed descriptions. I’ve scouted a good location using a ground blind and my winter job will be to build an elevated box blind, working in my heated shop. I’ll use a skid steer to set it so I’m building the box in one piece and the base as another. Do you have a preference for set posts over the 8-degree angle sitting on the ground?

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