Ultimate Blind-Friendly Gift Giving Guide For All Ages

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It can be difficult to find that perfect something for that special someone on your list. Doubly so if they have a visual impairment or blindness. Today I want to go through some of the best gift ideas for anyone on your list who might be blind! We go through every age group and chat about what makes a good gift for someone who may not be able to see. Be sure to leave your own suggestions in the comments below!

0:58 General Guidelines
1:54 All-Around Gift Ideas
3:50 0-9 Years Old
6:24 9-18 Years Old
8:45 18-64 Years Old
12:32 64 and Over

Games and Accessories:

Braille, Audio, & Large Print Books:

Raised line Drawing Kits
Raised Line Painting Kit
Wikki Stix

light bright
sensory ball
stuffed animals


Blind Sports Equipment:

Kitchen Equipment:
anti-cut gloves

Victor Reader:

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  1. Great gift ideas & categories based on age! That tile to help find misplaced phones, keys or wallets have come in handy more times than I know for even sighted people in my family!

  2. All very excellent suggestions! When I was in college I learned that the sense that has the largest level of discernment for humans was not vision, it was the sense of smell. Its also the sense that has the strongest emotional connection so if your grandma made pancakes for you all the time when you smell maple syrup that will bring up strong emotional memories of being at your grandma's house and her making pancakes.

    As you know, I like cooking and baking and both my wife and I make yarn projects with our hands. I like to make handmade gifts. Baked goods like cakes, cookies, pies, and chocolates really trigger that sense of smell and a soft and fuzzy hand made sweater is a nice tactile sensation.

  3. Thank you Tamara, really well thought through tips for Christmas. I really enjoyed your video. I do use my Google Home device, everyday for news reports,music and for Netflixs, to choose films etc have found it really usefall. I have recommended it for others. Loved that you mentioned, tactile and audio devices, so really important to mention the things that stimulate, other Senses we have. I do love the drawing device you mentioned, I love drawing,and art. Love the advice for gift of everyday chores and Sport items, so really thoughfull and means such a lot. Great ideas for gifts. Thank you Kind regards Tony from Scandinavia.

  4. I loved this Tamara! It was such a thoughtful and interesting video. You mentioned a lot of different gifts on here that I never would have considered when I was young. I have to be honest with you, those wiki sticks sounds like a lot of fun!

    I really love gifts that have a lot of fun textures. Some of my favorite things are really soft clothing and blankets. My family knows this and every year they get me a nice soft sweater and I love my soft sweater collection! They make me so happy and warm!

    Food is always another good option! I have to be careful with my diet specifically, but people who know me well know what I can and can’t eat, and getting a yummy snack I don’t always have the opportunity to partake in is definitely a treat!

    And finally, I am one of those weirdos who loves gifts for my Guide dog. I probably get the most excited about dog equipment, whether it be a collar, a new name tag, or a dog bed. It doesn’t really matter, whatever makes my dog happy makes me happy too!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. So many great ideas. Thank you so much. My husband gets me audio books. He knows I love them and spend hours relaxing with them. I listen to them over and over.

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