ultimate hunting blind

a look at my hunting blind.
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  1. Sorry but how can you claim sitting in a blind is "hunting" ? Isn't hunting when you actually have to go out and track deer ? Maybe you should call it your "Harvest" blind.

  2. Too much. A small stand with solar panels a power outlet for a small heater and your flashlight 🔦 would be fine. Maybe a walkie-talkie but that's all that's needed on a deer stand. Hunting is more about connecting with nature not being at home.

  3. PLEASE take a speech class before doing more videos. You're constant use of the "um" is ridiculous. Just end the damn sentence. Just pause! It's so irritating to the listener to hear "um" after every sentence.

  4. I understand it's done in good jest, but all the negative comments about your wife (and simply wives in general) are kind of saddening. I enjoy so much of rural life and culture but I think I'll forgo on passing that aspect down as a norm.

  5. Im a carpenter and at my old house I decided to build a 12'x16' "tree house" at my old house that doubled at a hunting blind. It was on 6×6 posts and sono tubes about 12' in the air. Cedar on the walls and ceiling. Laminate floor. Electric with a mini split unit, couch, TV, frig etc. It had it all. I took a lot of big bucks out there watching TV while hunting. It was a really great time. I could camp out there all day

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