Uncle Si Unveils His EPIC Plan to Solve 3 of the World's Big Problems | Duck Call Room #46

Si reveals his plan to kick butt, take names, and defeat one of the world’s greatest scourges, and it may just solve a couple of the world’s other problems too. Martin shares his definitive guide to the best baby gift you can buy a future hunter or fisherman. Si fesses up to the time he set his rain jacket on fire and sent everyone scrambling. The boys are SERIOUS about their duck blind eats, and the menu will make your mouth water. The government thinks Si’s not dangerous at his age. Well, think again, Jack! John-David and Godwin push back against defunding the police. And the mailbag is full of questions about dinosaurs.

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About Duck Call Room:

The guys who kept America laughing for 11 seasons while cranking out duck calls are back in the heart of Duck Commander to share hilarious stories, tall tales, hunting adventures, pop culture commentary, and all the antics and escapades you know and love. Join Si Robertson, Justin Martin, John-David Owen, John Godwin, Jay Stone, and Phillip McMillan where it all began — in the Duck Call Room.

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  1. For an answer to your Dinosaur question, Pastor Billy Crone dose a very good, detailed teaching on that very subject. It can be found at "Get A Life Ministries". Short answer-pre flood they were all here at the same time. There are fossil beds (massive) were every species of living creature can be found, all in the same mass layer together (which blows the millions of years of evolution to pieces).

  2. Man I live in northern iowa and am a goose hunter, however where I live there are goose refugees everywhere and they stay in them so never get to shoot them. Limit is 2 at beginning of season 3 later season it sucks

  3. And I know they doing wat they are ordered but I heard and seen a video of a church in Canada where the cops came in an seized and ordered the people in church to move out. Shake my head. I beielve it was Canada I would do the research tho, don’t take my word for it

  4. Indiana hasn't had a lifetime fishing license since the 90s. When is the last time the government has done anything well? They say improve, but mostly the just hire some hyper leftist that does more harm than good. They get money from our pockets again and again. Our grandparents, parents and us pay and continue to pay. The army core of engineers and the DNR restricts our 2A rights, all while taking our money. Every year more restrictions. They've lost their purpose. 18 dollars to have the right to fish, even though we've all paid year after year. I'll pass on more taxes. We pay enough.

  5. I kinda think dinosaurs were here in the beginning of time, then when Eve ate from the tree in the Garden Of Eden God made the snake (dinosaur) and her offspring crawl in their belly. So snakes are the "cursed" version of dinosaurs.

  6. So this is something I just bin thinking about the ocean isn’t flat and there are trenches and hills so when Moses parted the Red Sea how did they cross the trenches I don’t think you can swim on the sides because the water pressure will crush you 🤔

  7. So you may want to check your focus…the focus is slightly off on the two shot of JD and Si. The green tee shirt behind si’s head is more in focus than JD and Si. From one filmmaker to another…great show regardless boys!

  8. 15$ up to 20$ hunting license!! Is nothing!! That's cheap for a resident!!!
    Vermont is 47$ license for a buck rifle tag and late season bear tag and a fishing stamp, Nothing else included.

  9. Search "Answers In Genesis" here on youtube. They have some very good details on the flood and other Biblical historic questions and they provide the data to back it up in multiple ways.

    The Lord be with you if you're reading this, I pray you find Jesus and accept His amazing gift of freedom, paid for by His pure sinless blood poured out with purpose and love.

    Post your prayer requests and I as well as any other Christian reading them will pray for you.

    I would ask for prayers of His will being made clear for my family and our willingness to follow.

    (Duck boys, a pinned prayer request at the top of the comments would be a great addition each show.)

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