Up & Coming Sewing Plans

Hi folks, in this weeks video I chat through my up and coming sewing plans including inspiration and potential fabric for each one. I hope that you enjoy. Susanne 💕

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Fabrics mentioned
1. Baby Chino – bought from Craftswoman Fabric NI
2. Broiderie Anglais – Both Yellow & White bought from Beyond The Pink Door
3. Toile De Juoy Fabric – bought from Etsy
4. Border Print Fabric – from my stash
Inspiration Pics – I’m not sure where any of these are from individually – I’ve had most of them saved to my desktop for quite a long time….

My Sewing machine – Brother F420
My Overlocker – Brother 1043d
Pattern weights I usually use
Marking Pen – Prym Chalk Pen
Paper I usually use for patterning – standard parcel paper

What do you think?

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  1. Hi, love this teaser of a video. Would be lovely to see your making of the patterns too. I dabble in the pattern work and find it so rewarding. Looking forward to seeing the results. Best of luck with the works on your house.

  2. I love your videos concerning the upcoming projects. I have been wanting to make a quilted jacket for sometime and I get to see your version first, which is exciting.

    The trench dress is lovely idea for a project. I had a trench dress with long sleeves and it was worn frequently.

    Roman shades are very nice and functional.

    Thank you for sharing. Have a nice rest of the weekend!

  3. These types of videos are great for checking out the workings of another sewist’s mind. I like to know how other people put fabric and patterns together.. thank you as always for your interesting and informative videos and for your time in doing them. 🌹🌹

  4. Great ideas love them all. To soften fabric Peggy Segars recommends washing fabric in Coca Cola !!!! And it works too 😀😂😂 also check out Jacket ideas on Alex of Bohemia her designs are fantastic she’s AMAZING 🤩

  5. I love all your videos. I am way behind but will soon catch back up. I really love all the patterns and fabrics that you picked out, those are all very beautiful 😍

  6. I would really miss my sewing room if I didn't have it set up. I am in it all the time. I love seeing how you do things. I love creating my own patterns and when I watch your videos, I feel such a connection. I don't mind using some patterns, but the style is often marred by the added ease that can really make it hard to figure out the design. I am finally to the point where most of my blocks fit and are reusable without a lot of added fitting or changes to the fit. You just always add that extra boost of inspiration and commitment. Thanks for sharing. You make it look easy.

  7. Your plans sound fabulous! I love the Broderie Anglaise in the yellow. Unfortunately, shipping from Ireland to the US is so much, I can't really purchase from Beyond The Pink Door, but I certainly love their fabrics! Can't wait to see the fi dished garments!

  8. I just enjoy your videos very much🌸. One question: Do you have a standard amount of fabric that you buy when you like a fabric but have no definite plan for it? I often see fabrics that I like but am unsure what is a good amount to purchase that would cover most clothing projects once inspiration strikes. Thanks !

  9. love Roman shades! either of the fabrics for the jacket are great! I love the challenge of thinking through the design elements. This fall, this fall, I will get back I to sewing garments.

  10. Great ideas, love your makes always.
    I am a quilter and garment sewer. In regards to your quilted jacket a few things came to mind. The cotton wadding is likely to shrink anywhere from 5-15% once washed. With this in mind quilting and washing prior to garment making is advised so fit is not affected. You could use a cotton lawn as the lining fabric to keep it lightweight. I would sandwich the three layers together and quilt (using a walking foot or dual feed system if your machine has one). When sandwiching the layers every layer needs to be smooth as possible, lengthen your stitches for quilting. Serge around the edges, wash and dry as you normally would your garments. This will ensure any shrinkage has occurred before you cut out the jacket pattern pieces. Please be aware that you will get an "aged" appearance to the quilting as the wadding shrinks more than the fabric will, regardless of the distance between the quilting lines.
    cheers from Australia xxxxxxx

  11. As a quilter of many years, I would make a 10” square using the cotton wadding and wash it several times as you may find it always looks ‘crinkled’ after washes. I personally would try the same technique with some polyester wadding to see which you prefer in the long run.
    Just a thought. Like the first dress very much and I’d keep the flaps! Lol
    Lovely ideas as usual.

  12. I so sympathize with you feeling bereft if you cannot sew for a while! It's so hard! 😢 But when we can't sew, we can always plan and fantasize and design our next makes! I hope your building works are completed soon, and very much look forward to seeing the finished garments in due course 👍

  13. I watch the Silhoette pattern videos, the women puts the contents of a can of regular coco cola in washing mashine which helps soften jeans . Might hace the same effect with the upholstery fabric!

  14. Hello ! I would keep the border of the last fabric vertically on the front of the quilted jacket and maybe on the middle of the back too, instead of the traditional way of keeping at the bottom, just an idea that popped up in my mind 😀 thank you so much for your lovely videos, I really enjoy watching your way in clarifying sewing as I share with you this beautiful hobby .

  15. Can’t wait to see your quilted jacket, I’ve just bought the Hovea jacket pattern by Megan Nielsen, Sewing Bee definitely sets our imagination in motion! Highly recommend Esme Young’s autobiography too, I finished it in a day x

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