Was The Emperor's Plan Always To Become A God? | Warhammer 40k Lore

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The emperor of mankind has become a god within the warp. quintillions of people praying to him every day have caused him to swell with unimaginable power. we are told this was an accident. a dramatic irony. that the avatar of science and reason has become a god against his will… but what if that isnt true? what if this was the god emperor’s plan all along? grab your tinfoil hats and join me in a discussion of the emperor as we try to get to the bottom of this mystery. Oh and by the way, like half of this video is me speculating out loud and drawing a whole bunch of random connections. take everything with a grain of salt.

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  1. One of this he problems I have with fandom in particular is how so many people focus on one series. This is one of those questions that shows how limited the thinking of 40k is. One very important thing that people ignore is what worship actually does. To say the Emperor wanted to always become a god is moronic. It's like the people who blame the Emperor for everything wrong in the series, while saying the Primarch's did nothing wrong. The Primarchs have long been screw ups that were doing illegal things way before the heresy, this is another thing people forget while saying the Emperor should have warned them about chaos. How many times have we seen the Emperor tell them not to do something that they then turn around and do anyway? Why do so many indulge in mental gymnastics of the highest order to make the people that folded like cheap chairs to chaos the ones in the right?

  2. Adding to the speculation… It seems like ascending was entirely necessary only because his webway project failed. He'd hoped to defenestrate the gods through science.

    But that failed so he became a God.

  3. i have this talk with my co workers at the shop i work at every now and again and we all think the same thing you theorize in this video. its a very interesting and terrifying concept

  4. Given the fact that everything about the Imperium is anti-AI … maybe the Emperor is more than happy with Chaos as a better alternative and the whole point was him to end up on the Throne soaking up psychic energy so he could have more power over the Warp? Whether it's as a Chaos God or competing with them or whatever else might not matter nearly as much as "this is WAY better than what the AIs nearly did"

  5. Big E will become a Warp God , i mean he is almost one at this point.
    Planned or not it doesnt matter that much in the end.

    When he finnaly gets to his warp form and isnt bound humanity will undergo a big change

  6. Hypothesis: the Emperor was actually just a normal (perpetual) man that later ascended to godhood. The God-emperor later gifted his previous self with godlike powers and the gifts of foresight to bring about the best Imperium

  7. That means as a conclusion to that story that the emperor became a god after his death or imprisonment on the golden throne as to bring him back to life would bring a god into the world and likely ruin everything.

  8. 28:00 yes because he didn't hate religion. They simply didn't fit into his model. You can pray so can you but not the rest of you because you become psychos and ruin the plan or ruin those that do need to worship him. And the guys that became arch enemies because he burnt their monument to him. If you are going to turn on me so completely because I burnt a building I can't trust you to do what I want for the next 30-40 thousand years.

  9. I gotta say Wes, you’re by far the best Warhammer 40k Lore channel I’ve seen so far. Your voice is great, you speak with passion, and you clearly put a lot of thought into these videos.

    Thank you for not only properly introducing me to Warhammer 40k, but for making me absolutely enjoy this Lore without ever having played any Warhammer game at any point even to date.

  10. I love all your videos! You got me into this world! But as i literally just finished False gods and am 100 pages into Galaxy in flames. Horus Being mortally wounded and taken to the lodge of the serpents to hopefully be revived happens in False Gods. Just putting that out there. You Da best!!!

  11. Technically at GEoM's creation he not only simultaneously had a body but was also an infant god much like how Slanesh was born of the Eldar Excess but he was born as a God to save mankind and protect it from the Chaos Gods so in a sense GEoM is actually the God of mankind but not in the he created us kind of way but that he was both a mortal and a God at the same time

  12. To me I saw the advent of the emperor becoming a warp entity/god is not his primary plan, but a possibility of a back-up plan. It would be quite odd that without planning for it he created a device/throne that he could sustain himself on, but also ascend into becoming the equal to the chaos gods, which even further is weird that it could be done as a quick change to the system of the throne.

  13. This contradiction and paradox hurts our head because we're mortal, but in alchemy, Gods are paradoxical and contradictory but yet still do it. Gods don't obey the material because they're beyond material.

  14. Here's a thought, the EMPEROR becomes the god of logic and reason and then through those concepts in actions he becomes more powerful and because of reason humanity regulates itself and stops it from doing ignorant things but still feeding the emperor's power indirectly so this becomes a new religion of science it's not ignorance and blind Faith and the chaos gods grow weaker while he grows stronger while he protects humanity from on high and unlike the chaos gods who in the warp are bound by its laws as in our blind to things that happens within the material realm since things that have happened have always happened within the warp the emperor is outside of this since he was originally a soul-bearing species so his concept of time is still fundamentally human while having the power to guide and push humanity down the correct path of reason.

  15. I am not gonna write any long explanation here as I reserve that for other forums.
    But my belief is that yes, the emperor intended to ascend all along, it just happened sooner than he wanted to.
    As chaos was spilling in to and overrunning the webway the emperor had no choice but to ascend at this moment.
    He absolutely wanted to cut chaos off from humanity and the enter the warp and eradicate them himself.
    Placing him as the one true super-powered god in the universe and giving humanity a fair chance against the tyranids.
    But it happened this way because of tabletop ofc. As selling products is the main focus of GW.

    Also the future emperor can only send clear visions such as the one about imprisoning the dragon on Mars about event that are set in stone so to say, meaning events with which chaos does not interfere, hence his (past emperor) incredible foresight in the matter of mars and the dragon.

  16. If we worship him enough, he might just manifest in the warp as a god. We've got about a century at most before the throne fails. If the emperor wills it despite hating religion, He might just tell Gman to encourage humans to worship him

  17. The Man and the god-emperor, had/have different views and minor desires, but both knows it needed the other to reach their goals. They at times, worked with, without, and sometimes got out of each other's way. They have both strived and plotted together, separated, and divided to their goals. There is a Man, or some piece of a Man left seated on the throne. There is a god-emperor in the warp. The workings of the 2, separately, and together have molded the present, much of the past, and the future for their goals- that is my headcanon

  18. Didn't you say in the timeline video the emperor would always only reveal himself when he thought it was absolutely necessary for humanity, and then he would act as a politician or whatever before disappearing again?
    Maybe he found, that making his plan didn't actually as he foresaw, and the chaos gods twisted everything he tried to achieve into a darker future than he intended, so he might have wanted to "stay dead" so humanity could create their own future instead of him dictating it..
    Or maybe there really were just so many different futures, that the chaos god's plans and his plans would lead to different futures and he just.. basically lost.. because they are older and technically wiser than he is.
    I mean, the chaos gods always planned with ALL the races in the galaxy in mind, whilst he was always only planning for the future of the human race.
    Usually in a universe where a multitude of gods or godlike beings exist, there is no one god or being that knows absolutely everything.
    Because anything that absolutely knows of everything that ever WILL be, instead of what COULD be, is the worst plot device you could ever put into your world.
    First and foremost because then the emperor would then also have known, how to prevent absolutely everything and how to maneuver this entire shebang without steering humanity into the most terrifying and bloody future you could imagine, unless he was always super evil like the chaos gods, and he wanted the galaxy to become a nightmare become reality.
    So from a story writer perspective, having the emperor planning all that ever happened because he totally knows everything would be the worst explanation they could come up with.

  19. during the last church the priest told the emperor that he was thrusting the universe into constant war if he continued with his plan, the emperor's reaction was " the difference is that I know I'm right ".
    The emperor was no better than any human despot throughout time.

  20. Plot twist: Keeping the Emperor alive actually keeps him from intervening with fate, since he no longer is directly involved with the rest of life and the cycle as a whole, it goes on without him.

  21. since in 40K thinking can be powerful thing.. what if The Emperor thinks if he started to believe he is a god he might lose focus on humanity be as bad as the chaos gods.. so he destroyed churches in fear of being a god. he anchored himself to the golden throne so he got 1 feet in the warp and 1 in with humanity. by keeping a foot in each he getting more powerful but at slow pace so he doesn't lose focus on humanity

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