WB Is Making Major Changes To Their DC Universe (Everything You Need To Know)

Warner Brothers has now merged with Discovery leading to a major change to the DCEU. Here I breakdown all the information regarding WB’s plan to fix the DC Universe. These plans include trying to get their own Kevin Feige & if they will stick to a cinematic universe plan. The flash movie was said to fix everything but now Discovery must save DC Superheroes like Superman Batman Flash Aquaman Wonder Woman & More!

Michael Keaton’s New Batman Suit First Look:

Flash Test Screening Details:


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  1. If zack synder was the ceo then he would want every dc movie be like grey same thing to Justin league and since he likes dark stuff he would put every dc movie r rated

  2. Full reset, start with an already formed Justice League, tell stories from that. Don't stray too far from the main members.

    DC was supposed to start their unified universe in 2007 with the cancelled Justice League film, they were going to tell the story of Tower of Babel.

  3. Um no. It’s completely unfair and biased that you discussed Zacks failure based on the Justice League film he never finished. You should, as an unbiased individual, based his success on the full version of his Justin league. His version needs to be told. Everything. Until then, DC will continue to fail.

  4. WB needs to fire pretty much anyone that has anything to do with…… well pretty much all live action films….. they pick piss poor actors, cough cough I'm talking about you Ezra, ruin movies, ruin characters, and completely ignore some characters.

  5. I would love to say this about My Heroes not the ones you know but my heroes the ones I grew up with that stood for truth justice in the American way and Light and freedom for old mankind trying to make the world a better place for all of of us they stood for Freedom they stood for peace they stood for lights they stood for hope they stood for something greater they had beautiful bright colors on they gave the world Something to Believe In they were the most beautiful things in my life and I grew up believing in that message and I still do but I can see now those Heroes we're right all along their prophecies about what man would become I remember when one episode of the history books Superman said one day America would go too far go down a path I could not follow in the elite Wonder Woman's own mother said be careful in the world of men Diana for they do not deserve you and it's true what she said I used to want to save the world this beautiful place land full of magic and wonder where cherishing in every way but as you get closer the more you see the great darkness that dwells within men's light I know now that there will always be both a choice each must make for themselves and I know now that love can truly save the world and the fact that Superman and Superman Returns gave his life just to save us even though we didn't deserve it and all the evil we have caused he gave his own life for us and then there's that speech in the Christopher Reeves series about what's your real said your name is Kal-El you are the only survivor of the Planet Krypton even though you have been raised as a human being you are not one of them you have great powers come with me now my son every break for the bottom of your Earthly confinement traveling for time and space your powers will far exceed those of ordinary Mortals they can be a great people Kal-El they wish to be they only lack the light to show the way for this reason above all their capacity for good I sent you my only son what a beautiful thing to say about us considering we didn't deserve it didn't have to do that cuz we really didn't deserve it and with what you're doing now we really don't how dare you destroy him how dare you destroy my heroes and I'm asking you very nicely to put it back right now give Superman back his underwear give them back their bright colors give them back their morals give them back their values get them back truth and Justice in the American way an honor Brave loyal and true and stop I ask you nicely and beg you to stop messing with them forever and always never touch them again for DC was never the problem they started out as a force of good you man are the ones destroying them so stop it turn away from your dark-sided morals before it's too late before you destroy everything good and Light I asked you to turn back to the light before it's too late please you're going down a path I cannot follow I beg of you and I'll even say the magic words please May the force be with all of you

  6. they knew this and is why they half-assed it all, DC should've respected the storyline that ave been around forever and are loved. Discovery has the right idea. A few of the characters need a reset Flash being one of them, he should be as beloved as Spidey by now but its been a fail

  7. It’s been decides seen DCEU have made great dc animation movies.
    Don’t you think it’s time for all the live action DC Characters have their own Movies?

  8. Yeah hit the flashpoint button 😏 & reset the playing field. DCU needs a makeover.

    Good luck finding a good Superman though. Cavill was awesome in that role. Making the Grant Morrison version isn’t really a good idea in my opinion.

    A new Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash etc could be good.

  9. The DCEU can be fixed without recasting. Especially with using the flash. The actions in the movie can be the backstory reason why things have changed within the verse.

    That said keep Henry, Zachary, Gal, Ben (if he is still willing to pay the role), Jason. And kick Esra. Reset button can happen by the events in WW84 can be erased. This way we're not stuck with a new Superman origin story, a new Batman having his parents killed. We can skip all of that and still use the same people. Esra may be in jail soon. so a new flash would be best.

  10. The MCU is great because all of their stories are intertwined. Second their cast is consistent so it stays relevant, the only cast upset was the Don Cheadle / Terrence Howard war machine recasting which thru the story off in Iron Man 2. But in the long run was still OK, mostly in part because the majority of the cast stayed the same. The MCU does not do have stand in or headless cameos. If they are in the story they put em in period. The DCEU will never be as great as the MCU if they dont keep things canonized. That's the reason Clooney's batman flopped because instead of keeping things the same they made it a comedy and it was the 3rd batman in the same DC Universe. People want consistency! Not watered down castings and stand in directors due to budget cuts.

  11. They need to reboot the entire franchise stop focusing on alternate versions of these characters and instead build the original characters and make a strong solid foundation.

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