Welcome to City 17 – The Mindblowing Beginning to Half-Life 2 | Blind Playthrough


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Written by HuntingBP

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  1. I love your playthroughs man, but I have to say it drives me nuts when people doing blind playthroughs "fuck around". Sure, at the start of a new game we all have to take some time to explore, and figure out the gameplay and the controls, but stuff like trying to put a plant pot on a character's head, or trying to stick a tic-tac-toe piece back on the frame? Nobody wants to see that, man. It might be wildly amusing to you, but it's dull as hell for those of us who have already played the game, and know what you can and can't do. We watch blind playthroughs because we want to see your reaction to, and ability with, the *game*.

    My suggestion is that if you feel inclined to fuck around trying silly shit in a game, you do it offline, by yourself, after you've recorded the bit where you actually play through a section of the game. Because honestly dude, most of us find it tedious and annoying to watch. We want to see your reaction to the game, not how much you get off on messing around.

    Okay. Sorry. Had to get that off my chest. Let me add that I loved your playthrough of "Alyx", and I am sure I will love this playthrough too… just as soon as you stop pissing around and concentrate on the game. 😄

  2. Im 31 and been playing half-life since day one. It molded my life and set standards for todays games. seeing your reaction to it bring me nostalgic joy that people are still experiencing it.

  3. You're soo impressed by its graphics physics and all this game runs on my phone smoothly bruh idk how they did it but they made this game soo smooth that it even runs on a phone like that's incredible

  4. This game is great. Just keep in mind that its more of a shooter than a puzzle like the original game.
    You seemed annoyed by some puzzles in the first game so maybe thats a good thing for you? xd

  5. It feels really good to see someone else enjoying one of my all time favorite games! I've played everything except Alyx, so all of the expansions for both games (Including Decay) as well as Portal 1 and 2. The Half-Life/Portal universe is just fucking amazing.

  6. Its not that hard…imagine Freeman showing up in his suit? He would be shot in first second by combine…ofcourse he has normal clothing, to not be too much on eyes…until he meets some friendly guys which suits him up and send on proper mission to do some stuff.

  7. I watched your Portal & Portal 2 playthroughs, and now HL2. Your excitement and energy is so great and nice to follow, almost like I can experience these games again for the first time. And we all still love these games!

  8. IIRC, the console version of Half Life had a co-op campaign where you were two other scientists at Black Mesa and you meet the administrator. But that was a long time ago, and not sure if I am remembering it correctly.

  9. 13:42 Aw man. See this? This beautiful reaction to seeing a past character return? I've hardly (if ever) seen this in a Valve game playthrough, and I'm all for it

    …Or maybe I'm just not searching enough

  10. Man it's so satisfying seeing someone play this and paying attention to the lore and dialogue, and even more so when you also paid attention and got to know the lore of the past games.

    So many people miss the plot and fail to understand the HL universe just because they leave it to the player to figure out instead of forcing exposition.

  11. I cant tell you how irritated I am with Valve for not finishing this story. For fucks sake at least admit that you dont care to finish it up, and give us closure. Dammit Gabe!

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