Western Premiers Speak Out Against Trudeau's Damaging Plans

For a long time, resource rich provinces in Canada have sat on their hands and given Justin Trudeau the license to dominate the open space with climate hysteria bullshit. A good instance was the Net Zero declarations by the Trudeau Liberal government in Glasgow last year, which were unilateral and announced without any prior notice. Clearly, it doesn’t get any more disrespectful and humiliating than that.

But in an encouraging manner, energy security and rational tradeoffs are finally getting some space in the national discussion, and Alberta and Saskatchewan astutely see an opportunity. And you can bet that Justin Trudeau and his woke green zealots are about to get a bloody nose.

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In a really interesting manner, it would be important to know that not only the Premier of Alberta, Danielle Smith but also the Premier of Saskatchewan, Scott Moe, has entered the fray to take on the continuous antagonism of the Trudeau administration to the oil and gas industry in Canada. Apparently, Smith and Moe have both taken a remarkably confrontational stance against the Trudeau government, with both Premiers unequivocally and unapologetically stating that they do not support net zero, carbon taxes, or the Liberals’ seemingly endless hymns to windmills.

The two provinces have formed a coalition in order to challenge and fight back against the resolute determination that exists in present day Ottawa, under the banner of “net zero,” to bulldoze the oil and gas industry and eventually put it out of business as well as to brutalize the agricultural industry along the way.

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  1. This piece if trash deserves no respect from any Canadian whatsoever!!!!!!! Calling him "honorable in the House of Parliament is a complete joke!!!!!! there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING honorable about him and how he has taken steps to destroy Canada!!!!!

  2. I would love to see Trudeau go to The Gallows in my lifetime. Trudeau thinks, and acts like a dictator. He lies all the time in parliament when asked questions, has bribed the media with taxpayers money. Has committed several scandalous offenses, and rigs communities that investigate him. His dictatorship is proped up by another traitor to Canada Meathead Singh of the NDP.

  3. Thank God for the good people of Saskatchewan and Alberta….. hopefully they will inspire the return of common sense to the rest of the country….. I'm in Ontario and cannot believe that Ford has succumbed to woke politics and has allied with the Traitor in Charge .

  4. Did anybody else watch the AB legislature bring in the Alberta Sovereignty Act. The Ndp party voted against and tried to stop it. After some added chairs and MLA members were added, the Act passed first reading.
    Dec. 1, Singh went on a rant during question period. He spewed lies and conjecture against Premier Smith and the province. He needed to justify to his boss that he did all that he could but did not stop it. He is against every province becoming sovereign within a sovereign nation as our constitution allows for. Call, email your provincial members and remind them that you would like to be like QC, SK, AB, or NB so get that happening.

  5. Premier Ford, if you want your job, be like Alberta and Saskatchewan. Show some balls.
    Trudeau seriously wants Canadians to suffer.
    I don't follow climate change because it's bs.
    Just another way to control us.

  6. Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba should form a coalition to face Ottawa with a strong united voice. We don’t need to separate, we need to unit and face the separatist movement created by Trudeau and the NDP coalition government. Premier Smith is the one to do it.

  7. after supporting the western block and sending these creatures to Ottawa you still snap your fingers expecting us to heel and toe the shit show…..NOT GOING TO HAPPEN and least when we face our darkest hour we will not go down quietly…..OH HELL NO

  8. Awesome !about time and very justified…vote conservative for a change and remember The NDP ….they are just as good as the liberals….their alliance is costly and so wrong in so many levels….Pierre Poilievre folks ….

  9. Literally nobody would be bating an eye to the weather in the last few years if climate change was never mentioned . It's always been the same cycles since I have been born 48 years ago . Every little inflation or shortage of anything was created due to political decisions to this day . Shortage of deasil? As if they couldn't make shitload of that in a short time it's inferior to gas in its process for fck sakes .

  10. Moe is no better than Trudeau , Moe caves on every issue . Look what he did the last three years with this health fraud we all have endured. Moe followed every mandate restriction that Trudeau put in place ,Moe will do the same with this on going energy issue !

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