What did Hitler want in Europe? | Nazi Empire, Greater German Reich, WW2 Alternative History

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  1. Die größte Zivilisation, die Welt je gesehen hat 😌

  2. this feels like if the entire german high command n allies were in a room and fully knew what to do with the east and then began punching, screaming and shooting eachother as soon as the west was brought up

  3. Germany couldn't win WW2. This is a country that's too small, too short on resources and too low on allies to successfully defeat the Allied Powers. None of the Axis Powers members really trusted each other and mainly fought together by circumstance. Even if D-Day or the invasion of Italy never happened, the Soviets still would've captured Berlin (although without the western front opening it might have taken a bit longer to achieve). Also fuel shortages cursed the Reich throughout the war

  4. The Americans didn't move on Iceland first, the Brits did!! The Gwen ha du was not born during ww2 it was born before. Neo druidsm has been around for hundreds of years. Many issues with this video

  5. I can only wonder how long the IRA-Nazi collaboration would have lasted. But then again, this wasnt the hardline, radical republican leftist Anti-Treaty IRA of the 20's, and was probably at it's weakest.
    Id say there would have been a fair bit of opposition to the Blueshirts rule. Most people didnt care about unification if it meant living under tyranny. Many still held the old Republic of 1916-1919 to be the true Ireland

  6. Why would Greenland return to Denmark? Greenland was occupied preemptively by the US, not by the UK, and the US was never, ever going to leave even if the British had signed peace with Germany. The Danes asked the US to leave after WW2 in our timeline, and the US simply refused. If Denmark remained under German control, the US would have simply orchestrated an independence vote in Greenland and then signed a free association agreement or outright annexation. Given the horrors of Nazi rule, 99% of Greenlanders would've voted in favour voluntarily. The same applies to Iceland: the US wouldn't leave and Iceland still would've become a staunch US ally.

  7. Fascinating! I find it amazing that some of these complex proposed divisions and solutions were still apparently being expounded by leaders within Germany even when to any objective viewer the War was already going so badly for them in 1943!

    P.S……I also enjoyed hearing the River Danube being “Da-noob” for the first time ever! 🤣

  8. He just wanted germanic people in Poland to not be persecuted and for the people who always seem to own our media and banks not to own our media and banks and guess what, they paid off the most ludicrous war reparations known to man at the time in 3 years of taking back control of their currency so much so, the people that always control our banks declared war on Germany in news papers far and wide a holy war because they didn't want the rest of the world to follow suit and rid themselves of their parasites.

  9. European Confederation”, drafted in 1943 under Foreign Minister,  Ribbentrop, he wanted a European Union. Maybe not what we have today, but some type of European federation.

  10. This is so hard to listen to – not because of you, you do a really good job – but because of it sounding so … outlandish?
    Just like the unfiltered thoughts of 12 year old boy discussing, well, anything while attributing relevance to properties (in this case race, origin) that are ultimately completely irrelevant.
    To think that someone like that with clear developmental and psychological issues was almost in charge of redesigning Europe is frightening.

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