What No One Realizes About Barron Trump

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Being The First Son Of The President May Seem Amazing But It Has It’s Difficulties

Barron Trump takes after his father. As a headstrong teen determined to become a businessman, “Little Donald” may grow up taking after his father. Despite his father’s willingness to put Barron in the spotlight, mother Melania insists on her son’s privacy, making young Barron the subject of internet speculation. What we do know is that Trump’s fourteen year-old son lives a life of luxury, enjoys golf and is even considered to be a “Little Donald”. What we do know about the only child of Donald’s third marriage is he grew up in the Trump Tower penthouse in NYC, where he had an entire floor to himself, and attended an expensive private school. After moving to Washington following his father’s election, Barron became the first son of a president to live in the White House since JFK. Barron is trilingual, speaking his father’s native English, his mother’s native Slovenian, and French, taking on bilingualism as early as age three. The youngest Trump takes after his father with his reportedly stubborn personality, and in his career aspirations. Mother Melania claims he decided at age five that he wanted to pursue a career in business, and his plan B is to become a professional golfer. The teen loves sports, prefers suits over sweatpants, and shares his mother’s interest in upscale fashion. It’s hard to tell what’s next for Donald Trump’s adolescent son, but it’s likely to include golf.

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Written by: Marlena Nicole
Narrated by: Carmen S.
Edited by: Carla Maria Cuellar

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  1. I know this is from 2 yesrs ago but you should have a better grip on American geography.
    Can you take a better look at the map you are using. I hope that the things said in the video are more accurate then your location for Washington D.C.

  2. Let him alone! Destroy his evil father but let his boy grow up until he can perform on the scene in his own way. Never forget: he's also the son of Melania, maybe more than his father's son, and she isn't stupid as she acts. I don't care about him, but I need respect for human beings tout court, even for The toxic Donald's son. I don't believe in the cosmetic thing, by the way…

  3. No one cares. His daddy will soon be a convicted felon, possibly doing time. I imagine this kid will follow in the footsteps of the Trump Crime Family. I wonder if his father is actually the Disgraced Ex-President or his idiot firstborn.

  4. I wondered what he was doing and where he was. Good thing they keep him out of the limelight. I'm sure he is getting a lot of influence from Donald and may go into politics but who knows

  5. He got diagnosed with autism at 10 Barron did it made headlines ? Everyone forgets that story since autism is a generic disease trump must have autism lol 😂

  6. What next….running after Trump,his presidency impeach impeach impeach Russirussiarissia, his businesses his family his Mar alago everything about TRUMP, such a diversion tactics, when the real senatongs, tongressman, are sooooo free in the hills & white house.Lord Almighty have mercy!

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