What's it like to be a blind photographer? Brian Waguma | Blind Photography Project

Brian Waguma is the secretary general of the Access Network of the Blind, and a graduate from Nairobi who took part in the Blind Photography Project, which exhibited at Nairobi Design Week 2020.

The project changes our assumptions about blindness, and builds bridges between the sighted and the blind.

It was curated by architect and artist [Alejandra Loreto](, whose work deals with our relation to the physical and built environment.


Special Thanks to:
Brian Waguma
Alejandra Loreto
Blind Photography Project

Narrated by:
Tracy Mwaura

Edited by:
David King’ori

Illustrations by:

Animations by :
David King’ori


Art Direction:

Creative Direction:
Adrian Jankowiak

Produced by
Nairobi Design Week

#BlindPhotography #VisuallyImpaired #DesignIsForEveryone

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