Why a 8×8 Hunting Blind may be the Best Size

In this video Matt and Tony will share their insights about their 8×8 hunting blind. They will discuss size, window selection and cost of the build. They will share what they did right and a few things they would change. The blind is still a work in progress but they have already had a lot fun hunting from the blind this season. Come along for the fun!

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  1. My best friend and Brother is just now getting into hunting at a later age (we are both almost 50). I have been hunting my whole life and I'm helping/teaching him along the way. He wanted to build a deer blind…… asked me what size it should be. I told him, "It's like building a garage, soon as yer finished, yer gonna wish you built it bigger!!!" Heh!!!! Decided to go with an 8'X8' as well, gonna look a lot like y'alls (work in progress). That'll allow us to hunt together along with his Pop's or Nephew from time to time. What height would you suggest placing the windows, from the floor to the bottom of the window? I always struggle with that. Y'all got a great lookin blind there, thanks for sharing! Good luck!!!
    Greg from TEXAS!!!


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