Why I am getting rid of my pedal boat. Goodbye Paddle Boat

I have decided to get rid of my pedal boat. I had big plans for this paddle boat. I was hoping my kids would use this pedal powered boat occasionally and had also planned on doing some projects like installing an electric trolling motor. But the reality is this isn’t the right boat for me for several reasons – so this is goodbye to my cheap old pedal boat. This Sea Venture pedal boat (or paddle boat) is pretty neat and hopefully gives someone else some pleasure and enjoyment!

I bought this old neglected and cheap pedal boat last year and cleaned it up for a trial run. But after that we never ended up using it again. So I am saying goodbye to my little pedal powered boat and maybe I’ll find another little boat to take its place in the yard!

00:00 Introduction
01:22 Why I am getting rid of my pedal boat
02:10 The poor hull design of a pedal powered paddle boat
02:50 One reason why I didn’t add an electric trolling motor to my pedal boat
03:03 My kids do not want to use the pedal boat
03:36 My approach to whether I keep a boat

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  1. Got one given to me several years ago. Bought the replacement rudder and never put it on. Now wanting to get it together for me and my grandsons. We plan to visit (camp) state parks and think this might be fun. Have to build a trailer for it.

  2. Had some of the best childhood memories on a paddleboat…strapped a cooler and first aid kit to the back and paddled around to various small islands with a few buddies on a summers day

  3. Coincidentally, I was looking through marketplace and saw some pedal boats. I know they aren’t the most exciting things that you never get sick of but they seemed cool. 5 minutes later I’m on YouTube seeing this video. This upload was well planned!

  4. I understand about you getting rid of the paddle boat.

    We've had the same paddle boat since 93. My brother and I always went out on paddle boat as kids. Our lighter weight which helps. It gets used once a year now a days. I drive the paddle, while my mom and brother swim across the lake alongside of the paddle boat.

  5. One other main draw back to the peddle boat is it is hot hot hot especially on days that don't have a breeze so your peddling to try and get a wind in your face but the harder you peddle the hotter you get a viscous cycle of unhappiness unless your a really young fit and skinny person who is not sensitive to being hot and sweaty if your used to the outside summer heat then you might like the experience.

  6. In order to get the kids excited by that you'd have to have bumpers on them and several paddle boats so they could play bumper boats and then you'd have to offer ice cream and a prize to whoever won the bumper boat game and a Xbox 360 to the winner and some cash also LOL

  7. A small 5hp motor and power it up, clutch on the little lawn mower motor and bicycle chain to a sprocket on one of the paddles option of where you sit to drive it it'd be a good weight balance and you don't have to battle and when you do shut the motor up you can still go reverse and four because the clutch on the motor
    Its a half assd idea

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