Why is this the best way to heat your deer blind? NO MORE FOGGY WINDOWS!

I finally figured out how to keep the windows from fogging up in my deer blinds, PLUS this will help your scent control as an added bonus. To get woodstove info, contact Kenn at [email protected]. He makes them on the side in his home shop, so doesn’t have inventory, but can make them to order.

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  1. Thanks for the very helpful vid! My name’s Marco, from Virginia. I’m actually putting a stove in my blind this year similar to this. Everything I read said pile elbows (even a 90 into another 90) were a no-no for wood stoves and that they “had to be straight or no larger of a bend than 30 degrees”. Am I just reading hogwash? I’m assuming thats probably for traditional home heat wood stoves and doesn’t necessary apply to something like this. Thoughts? Thanks again for the great video!

  2. If you had the propane heater in a flue system, like your wood stoves, it would reduce or eliminate the condensation. The byproducts of combustion are H2O and CO2. The BEST thing about your wood stoves is you don't have to buy the fuel for it. You should have ample deadfall around the back 40, to run all the stoves.

  3. I found a couple online, but they say they're for outdoor use only. Do you have any sources for where you found yours or are you venting sufficiently that you're not worried about carbon monoxide poisoning?

  4. Great video…Thanks! Honest question…. I have a few box blinds… our plan is to put up three more. I concluded I wanted more than a buddy heater and was planning to go NuWay propane. I love this video… I love the idea of wood heat… I also 100% agree with your point on the wood stoves/scent. In fact… we burn wood in our bunk house and so do most of our neighbors. So any given day you smell wood smoke in the woods… from wood stove heating to campfires in the summer (and some even burn their garbage still in the boonies). With that said, I think the smoke scent HELPS us. It doesn't hurt us. My honest question…. Do you ever find the "hassle" factor resulting in sitting there cold? Starting a fire isn't that hard… BUT… i can just anticipate getting in the blind… being a 'little cold' and sitting there contemplating… do i want to start a fire? I use my propane heaters now with a lot of on and off… turn it on for 30 mins… warm up the blind and then turn it off…It is a turn of the tank and the push of a button and it is on.. Second question… I presume shutting the bottom vent is all you need to do to snuff it out? Do you do that 30 mins before you go in? I love the idea of wood (funny how the propane tank shows full until suddenly it is the coldest day of the year). But I do have a little fear of the hassle factor resulting in us not using them? Thoughts?

  5. I found the guy that made these stoves for me! If interested in a deer blind woodstove, contact Kenn at He makes them on the side in his home shop, so doesn't have inventory, but can make them to order. Good luck.

  6. What a great way to get the kids involved too I won't be shivering and complaining speaking of complaining I just read every comment why does it negative people even bother thank you for sharing

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