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Which is the Best Hunting Blind?


hunting blind

Do you hunt deer, ducks or turkeys?

Do you use deer blinds or are you looking for hunting blind plans?


You have come to the right place.

You will find lots of useful information here on the benefits of using hunting blinds, how to hunt more successfully using blinds, hunting strategies, and hunting blind plans.


Hunting with blinds or stands is becoming more and more popular as hunters realize the benefits of blinds, and find their hunting becomes more fun, exciting and rewarding.

Whether you are building your own duck blinds, or want to build your own deer blind, it can be much cheaper, satisfying and enjoyable to build them yourself.

If you hunt big game such as bears or deer, or you hunt turkeys or waterfowl, you will find information here to help you hunt more successfully and allow you to enjoy your hunting more.

You will find general information on blinds, the different types and their construction, plans, as well as tips on improving your hunting skills.

You will also find specific information on hunting deer, ducks, turkeys etc.

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The main areas of the site are:

Hunting Blind Tips

There are some basic hunting skills you need such as how to hunt scent free, how to track wounded animals, where to hunt for consistent success - as well as specialized skills to hunt deer, turkeys or ducks. There is also a portable blind buyer's guide

Hunting Blind Plans

If you are thinking about building your own blind, we have hunting blind plans for deer and ducks. They include wooden ground [1 and 2 person] and tower box plans for deer, and 2 styles of duck hunting blind.

Whitetail Trophy Hunting Book

Learn about the skills, strategies, tips and techniques needed to bag the biggest buck of your life

Deer Blinds

There are several types of blinds that include natural, portable, pop-up, box and tower blinds. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Find out which is best for you.

Hunting Blinds

Hunting blinds can be as simple as using the natural vegetation to conceal yourself, or as sophisticated as large weatherproof box tower blinds. They can be principally designed for deer, ducks or turkeys, or blinds such as pop-ups may let you hunt several species.

Duck Blinds

There are many types of blinds used in duck hunting such as coffin, hay bale, boat, pop-up, portable and dog blind. This section provides information on the different type of duck blinds.

Turkey Blinds

Turkeys have keen eyesight. Without good cover, your chances of bagging a turkey are pretty slim, especially in open terrain. Thatís why a ground blind is a turkey hunterís best friend. 


We have included articles that we think will help you make your hunting more enjoyable, rewarding and successful.


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Information you may find useful to assist you with your hunting.